The big Nightwish Fan Video Call

Okay time has come:
The big Nightwish Fan Video Call

What this is all about:

Nightwish’ s Music changed the life of many people… It helps through bad times; helps to forget sorrows and problems and makes the world shine brighter even just for a small eternity.

„Music speaks what cannot be expressed, Soothes the mind and gives it rest, Heals the heart and makes it whole, Flows from heaven to the soul.”

True words. But how many of you had the chance to meet them; the chance to talk to them or to tell them how much their music changed your life or inspired you?

Unfortunately Nightwish doesn’t have the time to get to know every single fan in person; to hear the experiences they made; which changes their music brought out in the life of their fans…

So there’s anything you wanna tell Nightwish? You wanna show them who you are?
Here’s your chance

What you have to do:

Make a small video about you…
Your name
Your age
Where you come from
If you have ever been to a Nightwish show you can tell your experience you made, no matter what kind of experience…
Is there anything on your heart, just let it out…
If you experienced rough times in life you could handle better just because of the mysterious sound of Nightwish…

Give Nightwish the chance to get to know the person behind the fan….
Give them the chance to hear your stories…

When do we need all of your videos:

Deadline of this project was July the 1st 2009 but because of the big requests of fans we decided to make a new deadline...The new Deadline is on September the 1st!

How you can contact us:

A new msn has been activated for this project: armyofnightwish@hotmail.de
In this way you are able to send us your videos
And if you have any kinds of questions – feel free to ask

Among all the entries we will draw two prices!
YES you have the chance to win 1x Pro Mark 5B Sticks and 1x Nightwish Amaranth Girlie Shirt, Size L

Here are some generell questions we always have to answer:

Will Nightwish receive this video:
Yes they will after the video is done

Why we should do this:
Well no one is forcing you… It’s just to bring the fans closer to Nightwish and to show the band, that their music is able to make changes

How long has my personal video to be:
This is your choice but please not longer than five minutes

Does anyone else see this video?
No! This project is just for Nightwish and wont be uploaded on any page
For the case we wanna upload the video on the Army youtube account we will ask every single person for the permission


  1. So, you've changed the deadline again? Sept. 1 for sure?

  2. yes September the first for sure...too many fans ask us to remove the deadline once again so they can be part aswell

  3. Hey! How are you?
    It is great that NW will see the love of their fans!The suprise is great! (especially shirt)

    Ena (from MSN)