it keeps raining

and raining and raining... the weather down here is kinda bitchy today... the other girls are out so I`m all alone today. But honestly I didn`t work that much on the website today, just created some new grahpics for the forum. Was so much work last days and now my brain is just saying *the brain you`ve called is temporairly not available, please check the connection and try again*... seriously my head is empty at the moment... and somehow - i don`t know why - i just have two hands. need a couple more to get all the work done. so now I`m chilling a bit and listen to Nightwish songs... right now it`s Last of the wilds... just love that song cuz it`s instrumental and the guys have done a great job as always. And just six days left till the big showdown in Hartwall/Helsinki =)
The Army gets really excited about this and we are sure that this show will be an event no one who was part will ever forget.
Ok but now it`s time for me to do some school stuff with my son. Later on will be working on the website again *yeeehaaa* ;)

take care
Lycan Lady

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