Nightwish Summer Camp 2010 Part 2

Summer Camp diary - Part 2

The 1st week is almost through and we`re off to a fantastic start. Jukka, Emppu and me have 5 songs rehearsed so far, Marco joined the camp last night after a couple of festival shows he did with Tarot. We`ll start putting the low ends into those songs later today and maybe try out tune #6.

The first song put together ended up having one of the best choruses we`ve ever had and a classic Nightwishy c-part of heavy guitars, a massive string riff and everything louder than anything and everybody playing with full force at the same time.
Trademark stuff.

Song # 2 is a twisted marriage of Van Halen, Pantera and madhouse vocals. And Quentin Tarantino - guitars in the bridge. We weren`t overly bananas over this one after the demo I made alone, but now it`s finally coming alive.

In between the distorted racket we sat down with Emppu to complete one acoustic piece.
A nice journey back to the roots! Sounds like a Moomin Valley - Christmas carol.

Then another song back to the roots. Everyone`s surprise favorite at the moment. I dug up my inner Paradise Lost / My Dying Bride fanboy and this funeral march is the result.

Music for the last song rehearsed so far is written by Marco. A wonderfully catchy track with the chorus repeated 5 times.(!!) Must be some sort of a record for us. Nice acoustic themes and a d-part which doesn`t quite still fit in.
We`ll enter The Haunted Mansion tomorrow.

Will write more soon, all the best to everyone meanwhile!

Good times, Tuomas

Written by Tuomas on July 21, 2010

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