From the rehearsals

Hi all!
So, I thought its time to write a little thing about our rehearsals over here in Helsinki and what we have been up to the last week.
Last thursday we went to our rehearsal place already in the morning and it was really nice to get in front of the microphone again and hearing what the guys had done the days before. We have some nice things planned and its always interesting to hear if it works out and yeah, it did. Singing the songs from Imaginaerum live for the first time was interesting and it's always this weird thing that songs I thought would be easy to sing live can be a bit tricky, while the ones I thought would be hard went really easy. This is something that happens every time and some songs seem to come alive even more in the rehearsing space.
This first day we practised for many hours and it takes some time to get into the songs so the day after we all sounded even better. I felt how we all started to get more and more into every song and leaving that day behind me felt very rewarding and anticipating of the rehearsals yesterday when our dear Troy joined us and made our group complete. For me, personally, Troy gives me calmness and positiveness and everything feels so fun, the music flows and we just had so fun together all day.
Yesterday was the last rehearsing day for this time and even if I long to go home to my dear boys at home, I already long for our rehearsals in january cause I leave Helsinki with a sense of joy and knowledge that next year will be wonderful and fun together with these guys and with the music I love to sing.
Today Imaginaerum was released and its so nice to finally have the album out!
Enjoy December and these last days of 2011 - 2012 is soon here!

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