Imaginaerum – Update from Tuomas

A fantastic day everyone!
It`s Wednesday the 9th of November and the first single of Imaginaerum called "Storytime" is finally out today. It`s part 1 of a very long homecoming, 4 years in the making. Makes me feel a bit sad, fairly relieved and ultimately proud. Sad that a certain journey is finally coming to an end, relieved that everything worked out beautifully, and proud of the band members` and the fellow imagineers` effort in getting this colossal project together. Thank you.
I saw the first edits of Imaginaerum The Movie a week ago. Stobe and Mathieu have been working with the edits a few weeks now and the parts I saw were very convincing. The demo scores (by the tech wizard Petri Alanko) are working out wonderfully, even though we still need to toy around with them quite a bit. The special effects guys have also begun their work, so once we get all these layers together some truly mind blowing movie magic will be born. Basically now we just have to wait patiently and try not to breathe too much into their backs, and let them do their magic.
In the meanwhile, loads of promo and rehearsals still to be done.
Such exciting times,

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