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Interviewed By: Nathan Scott (nathan@chatcore.net) / Organised By: Katherine Aalto

Let’s talk Imaginaerum: The Movie! What have you seen so far, and what do you think?

I saw everything that’s shot without any CGI, without any music, so I just had like…the very basics, so to say, and I was really blown away basically by the actors, the way they did it. It’s unbelievable. We don’t have any like, big names, but all of them did such a wonderful job. I remember there was Quinn Lord, who’s playing one of the main characters, a 10 year old boy. He did the scene eight times in a row, where he cries, without any chemicals. He had a job like this and the guy just said “ok, you’re sad, cry” in twenty seconds, you get tears. Just thinking about it. And then you wipe them off, and again, eight times in a row, on cameras. It’s an unbelievable thing. Skill. I sat in the hotel room trying to cry just by thinking “ok, my dog has died”, and I couldn’t do it.

I remember you said a while ago, in an email interview with us actually, that you had wanted at one stage to write your own film score. Having made a movie, does this fulfil that desire?

It’s not quite the thing that I was talking about back then, but it’s pretty close, because I had a story and I wrote the songs into that story, so basically I was doing film music without the actual film footage.

Like a reverse process?

It was like a rehearsal of sorts. Maybe someday I’ll get the chance to do the music, or a full length feature so that you don’t have to worry about the movie itself, you know. Just be inspired by the story, images, and different means of directing.

On that subject, why Montreal for the filming?

We had some hard time finding a sponsor. This movie was going to cost so much, we could hardly have paid for ourselves. We put about 1m euros of the bands money in it, but we needed more basically, so we were looking for sponsors, and finally got one from Montreal Canada and they said that ok, we will produce this, we will pay the remaining amount, but you have to do it here, because I want all the money to stay on Canadian soil. And we have used Canadian managers and all that, so it makes sense.

You’ve always maintained that you wanted the band to play only small roles in the film. Why was that?

The most important thing is that we are trying to make a believable movie that will actually tell the story and be emotional to people. And we wouldn’t have been believable actors. I think people might have preconceptions about us. It’s the same thing you know, I don’t care how good of an actor Justin Timberlake is, but whenever I see him in a movie I’m a bit ‘ookaay’. He’s very good, but he’s still Justin Timberlake. So that’s the symptom that we’re trying to avoid. The director also originally wanted us to have bigger parts, but we told him ‘please don’t make us say a single line’.

So you don’t have any lines?

No we don’t have any lines in the movie, we just play in the background on two scenes. Then I have a role playing the piano and holding this little kid in my lap, but that’s all.

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