Interview with producer Markus Selin

"The movie and the music will live long into the future!"

Solar Films producer Markus Selin on Imaginarium.

How did Solar Films start the collaboration with Nightwish to produce Imaginarium?

- King Foo Entertainment and Solar Films have worked together on different projects for years. When Tuomas and Stobe presented the idea for Imaginarium, we instantly decided to go for it.

What were your first thoughts on this project consisting both the new studio album and a movie by a world-class band?

- The whole idea was so "out there", that of course we were interested in the collaboration. And now that we really know what we got and what we're doing, everybody is full of enthusiasm. I don't think there have been any innovations in Rock cinema since Pink Floyd's "The Wall" — and that was 30 years ago!

How far exactly is the project right now (casting, funding, pre-production...)?

- Everything has moved forward at a dizzying pace. We can start shooting this year, and the movie will premiere in 2012. So the schedule is pretty crazy, but in a way, it's good for a project like this. The funding looks real good at the moment, and everything should be settled by the end of April.

What are the biggest challenges with the project?

-The schedule by far. The SFX will probably be quite challenging, too, and obviously there's still a million other things to take care of, but that's always the case before the actual shooting begins.

What kind of a movie do you envision to see sometime next year?

-I expect the movie to become a modern classic. I also believe that the movie and the music will live long into the future.

Credits to: www.nightwish.com

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